How To Play


  • 3 points for predicting the correct scoreline
  • 1 point for predicting the correct outcome (home win, away win or draw)
  • Predictions are determined within normal time. Extra time and/or penalties do not count

Goal Difference:

This represents how close your predictions are to the real results. The closer this is to 0 the higher you will be ranked.


Everyone is ranked in order of the highest points. Anyone with tied points is then ranked by the closest Goal Difference to 0.

Prediction Deadlines:

You can make/change your prediction any time prior to a match kicking off. As soon as a game as started your prediction is locked.

Bonus Points:



You can only use your banker for one game per gameweek. This will double the points you receive for that game.


  • The Accumulator only works if you have selected two or more games for a gameweek
  • If all the selected accumulator outcomes (home win, away win or draw) are correct then you gain additional accumulator points
  • If any one of your accumulator outcomes is incorrect then you win nothing
  • A two match accumulator wins you 1 point and for every additional match you gain an extra two points. So 3 selected matches would be worth 3 points, 4 matches 5 points and so on